Phantom Line is a Tactical Paranormal Shooter that You Can Play Now


  • Phantom Line is a Tactical Paranormal Shooter that You Can Play Now

    Join a paranormal SWAT team.
    Key art showing the title Phantom Line as well as paranormal hunting soldiers in a dark, spooky environment.

    Former members of the development teams behind Cyberpunk 2077 and BioShock just revealed their new game from their new studio, Antistatic Studios. Revealed during the PC Gaming Show, Phantom Line is a PvE cooperative tactical shooter that is set in a post-nuclear environment that has become overrun by paranormal activity.

    Players will work together to explore an open world inhabited by all sorts of anomalies and remnants of civilization. Players take on the role of a Mortfield Industries' Operator. Operators are able to transfer their consciousness to artificial bodies. This allows them to track down anomalies, contain them, and eradicate "the otherworldly inhabitants that spill out from them."

    There are playtests for Phantom Line going on. You can join the game's official discord for a key to these playtests if interested. A link to the Discord is provided on the Steam page.

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    PHANTOM LINE is a co-op (1-4) shooter set in the post-nuclear European continent. Your mission is to search and contain anomalies - paranormal activity hidden from the public eye, in an open world map full of dynamic events.

    THE OPERATOR - You are in an elite spec-op unit, working for Mortfield Industries, a megacorp that gave you a second chance. You‘ve been selected for the Operator Simulation Program called H.U.S.K., where you can transfer your consciousness between artificial bodies. Use H.U.S.K.s in your tactics: scout, distract, decoy, or utilize many other strategies and commands to gain an advantage over anything in the way.

    ANOMALIES - Hidden from the public, our world is full of paranormal creatures and phenomena dubbed “anomalies.” Leaking into our world through rifts in the space-time fabric, these threats to humanity grow each day. Containing these extremely dangerous events requires the most elite Operators.

    BASE UPGRADES - The Icebreaker ship, with a nuclear engine, will be your base of operations. Customize your H.U.S.K. and cabin, showcase your weapons and armors to your friends, modify your gear and body. Get briefed on a main deck for your next anomaly hunt.

    WORLD - Nuclear war has just broken out, and you are sent to the disputed Iron Corridor - an Eastern European region torn by international tensions. Operators need to be self-sufficient should they become cut off. Improvise as necessary: use any resources available, gear up, and adjust your tactics to the situation on the ground. Hunt and cook the wild animals to maintain optimal health.

    Humanity is at war - to fight the anomalous horror you must turn into one yourself. Wield the H.U.S.K.s for the cause. Gather and upgrade your body with Quintessence, a substance you get after containing anomalies. Become the ultimate anomaly hunter. Go die again.​
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