Five years on and the game is still getting updated.
Two players aiming weapons at a huge mechanical foe.

When Generation Zero released in 2019, it wasn't really all that great. The stealth-shooter had a lot of issues in all aspects of the game, making the stealth-action shooter rather mediocre at best. In these past five years, developer Systemic Reaction has worked continuously to update the game with fixes, improvements, and a bunch of new content. By most accounts, the current state of Generation Zero is quite good and a massive improvement from what the game was like at launch.

Thanks to those efforts of Systemic Reaction, Generation Zero is celebrating its fifth anniversary this week. That celebration includes five free weapon skins that will be available now through April 14. You can earn these skins simply by killing machines near an active radio or boombox.

The developer also released a new trailer today that shows off some of the game's updates and milestones from the past five years. Generation Zero is available on Steam, the Microsoft Store, Xbox, and PlayStation. It's also available through Game Pass.

Generation Zero is a stealth-action shooter that puts players on the front line of an alternate history battle against the machines. Explore a vast open world map inspired by the Swedish Cold War era and take part in the resistance alone or with up to three friends in seamless co-op. Including today's release, the game has received 31 major updates and two substantial story expansions since its launch in 2019, and with a growing community of over six million players and more new content on the way in 2024 and beyond, there’s never been a better time to join the resistance!