Tropical paradise is less than a month away.
Key art showing a tropical location and title for the Tidal Wave DLC.

A release date for the Tidal Wave DLC for Gas Station Simulator was finally revealed today by Drago Entertainment. This tropical-themed DLC will be released on PC via Steam on March 21, 2024.

Tidal Wave takes players to a tropical island. Enjoy the ocean breeze, appease the island volcano gods, rent out some surfboards, and keep the locals fueled up. Players will have to deal with shark attacks and the "wrath of the island's deity, Chunchumachu." Make offerings with coconuts, shells, and other goods to keep the deity happy, or face its wrath.

Gas Station Simulator's Tidal Wave DLC will run you $14.99 at release.

Expand the gas station’s services and amenities perfect for the new location, like scuba gear and surfboard rentals. Stay on high alert and wield hand cannons to protect patrons swimming in the ocean from a massive megalodon shark. Neglecting proper maintenance of the gas station and its equipment can lead to “accidents”, causing Chunchumachu to lash out in a volcanic fit and rain hellfire across the island.

Key features:
  • Fresh, stunning environment set on a tropical island
  • Brand-new challenges, mechanics, and clientele to serve
  • Start from the ground up and build a prospering gas station empire far away from Route 66
  • Distinct decorations to enhance the station in new and creative ways to attract the local clientele
The Tidal Wave DLC will be available on PC via Steam Thursday, March 21, 2024, for $14.99, and will support English, French, German, Spanish - Spain, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Czech, Portuguese - Brazil, Ukrainian, Italian, and Portuguese - Portugal languages.​