Scratch and sniff without the scratch.
A gaming peripheral that emits scents based on gameplay.

There is now a new way to immerse yourself in your favorite video game. GameScent is a new device that will "automatically release scents that correspond with gameplay." This is all apparently done without needing the game to be specifically developed with the device in mind. How does it do it? Would you believe it's done via AI? Because it's done via AI.

GameScent apparently captures audio in real-time, and thanks to the power of AI, translates that audio to scents based on what is happening on screen. GameScent will let players "inhale the smoky aroma of battle, the exhilarating scent of speeding race cars, the calming fragrance of a forest, or the fresh smell of rain after a storm."

GameScent is said to be fully compatible with "gaming consoles" along with PC and VR devices.

"Studies have shown that the sense of smell imprints in long-term memory more strongly than anything else", said Casey Bunce, President. "With GameScent, we’re hoping to elevate gamers’ experiences to be more exciting and memorable than they ever have been before."

GameScent allows players to experience the atmosphere of their games more vividly with a diverse Scent Palette that includes:
  • Gun Fire: Experience the intensity of a firefight.
  • Explosion: Feel the magnitude of a blast.
  • Racing: Sense the speed and thrill of the track.
  • “Clean Air”: instantly neutralizes any scents in the room.
  • Storm: Immerse yourself in the fresh smell after a storm.
  • Forest: Connect with the soothing aura of nature.
The GameScent includes those "easy-to-swap cartridges." It will also include an "Air Neutralizer" manual trigger that triggers the "Clean Air" catridge to clear the air after a gaming session.

What if those included scents just aren't enough? What if you want to smell something like blood? Oh, don't you worry about that! GameScent will include some additional cartridges that you can purchase separately:
  • Blood
  • Ocean
  • Sports Arena
  • Fresh Cut Grass
GameScent looks like it will retail normally for $179.99. According to the Amazon listing, you can purchase it at a discounted price of $149.99. The Amazon listing also includes some reviews from December 2023 and January 2024, so I'm not quite sure how new this device is. The Amazon listing also mentions a few other scents not included in today's press release: Napalm, human exertion, and big city. There is no word on how much those additional scent cartridges cost.

You will be able to take the GameScent for a test sniff at PAX East, booth #11038.

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