You could say that this DLC is a trip.
A colorful, trippy world full of shapes and slopes and apples to collect.

The second major piece of DLC for Atomic Heart is here and wow is it ever a trip. It's called Trapped in Limbo and, as the title implies, you will be trying your best to escape the weird and wild limbo you find yourself trapped in.

This DLC takes place after one of the main game's endings. Atomic Heart's first DLC, Annihilation Instinct, took place after the other ending for the main game. In Trapped in Limbo, players will try to discover the secrets of P-3's past with the help of the Twin's essence, otherwise known as P-3's former wife. It's a whole thing and you really need to play the base game to understand it.

Trapped in Limbo features several different stages, combat encounters, and unlockable weapon skins that can be used in the main game. From what I've seen of this DLC, fans of Counter-Strike surf maps are going to love this. The entire opening level features tons of the surfing goodness many of you probably remember fondly. Other levels look to include climbing, more surfing, and a few other surprises.

A couple other DLC releases are planned. You can pick up Trapped in Limbo for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. This DLC is also included in the Atomic Pass, Gold Edition, and Premium Edition of Atomic Heart.

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Players will experience the contrast of Atomic Heart’s worlds with unconventional mechanics crafted to blow them away. As you navigate Limbo, you'll collect apples to unlock skills and weapons, along with gold coins to access up to seven unique skins for use in the main campaign. The fate of Major P-3 lies within the depths of Limbo, and it's up to you to rise to the challenge, surviving in a world with inverted logic to free P-3's mind from his demons.

Atomic Heart’s Original Soundtrack Adds an Explosive Vol.4!

The “Trapped in Limbo” DLC release also marks the addition of the game’s fourth album to its original soundtrack, which is available for free for all current owners! New dynamic and atmospheric tracks from this latest DLC will help players to immerse themselves back into the strange and stunning world of Limbo any time they want! Atomic Heart OST Vol.4 is also available now on all relevant digital platforms.​