The update arrives on Wednesday.
Screenshot from The Finals.

Embark Studios will launch the new Solo Bank It mode for The Finals. This will be a limited-time game mode for the game that has, up until this new update, been strictly focused on three-person teams. This update arrives on Wednesday, January 17 and also includes an update to anti-cheat, a store update, and "plenty" of bug fixes and balance adjustments.

Embark says that the solo mode is a bit more strategic than the trios due to there being no teammates to rely upon. Solo Bank It matches will include 12 players per match. The first person to bank a total of 40,000 Cash will win the match. You can earn Cash by collecting and depositing Coins that drop from eliminated players into Vaults.

Solo Bank It and Update 1.5.0 arrives at some point on Wednesday, January 17. The exact time of availability may differ depending on if you are on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or playing on Nvidia GeForce Now. Specifics on what all is included in Update 1.5.0 were not yet provided.