Six titles are coming, six are now stuck in limbo.
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PlayStation had no fewer than 12 different live service games being worked on at various PlayStation Studios. Only six of them may see the light of day by the end of Sony's financial year 2025, or by the end of March 2026 for us non-business types.

This information comes direct from Sony president Hiroki Totoki in a recent financial call with investors. Though 12 titles remain in development at present, there is no saying how many of them will actually be released. There is also no saying if those six titles will all make it out by March 2026 or if some will face further delays.

Totoki says that Sony is still trying to work out when the other six live service games will come out.

We are reviewing this. So the titles... we have not been able to meet the gamers' expectations, but we are trying as much as possible that this would be played by the gamers and liked by gamers for a long time. So the 12 titles... so six titles will be released by FY '25. That's our current plan. And the remaining six titles, as for when to be released, we are still working on that.

And the live service games and multiplayer titles, that's the total of that. So in mid-to-long term, we want to enlarge this kind of service, and that's the unchanged policy of our company. It's not that we stick to certain titles, but for the gamers quality should be the most important. That's how I feel about it.​
One of those 12 live service titles is allegedly the multiplayer game based off of The Last of Us. We haven't seen anything official about this game for a long while now. In January of this year, Neil Druckmann said that he'd share more information "later this year." With "this year" quickly coming to an end, it's looking it's looking more and more doubtful we'll get that new information. However, Naughty Dog game director Vinit Agarwal confirmed just this week that they are still working on the game.

Other live service titles being worked on include a Horizon multiplayer game from Guerrilla, a co-op action title from PlayStation London Studio, Bungie is working on Marathon, Haven Studios is working on Fairgame$, and Firewalk Studios is working on Concord.

The delay for half of their planned live service titles comes during a time when several Sony owned studios are facing layoffs. Bungie saw a number of layoffs hit just last week. It also comes not even a week after rumors began swirling that Sony was facing backlash from several of their studios in the push towards the live service future.