The bundle includes the newer OLED model of the Switch.
Promo shot showing a new Nintendo Switch OLED bundle with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo is finally about to offer a new Switch bundle and it's coming just in time for Black Friday. According to Nintendo's own Black Friday announcement, the company will offer a bundle that combines the Switch OLED with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This bundle will be available at select retailers starting on November 19th. It will also be sold directly from Nintendo via the My NIntendo Store.

The Switch OLED Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle will include the Switch hardware along with a download redemption for the game. It also includes a three month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. All of this will retail for $349.99 (USD).

This bundle has everything you need to have a smashing good time on Nintendo Switch™, including a Nintendo Switch – OLED Model system and two Joy-Con™ controllers featuring a design inspired by the Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate game. Plus, enjoy an added $67.98 value with a download code for the full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game and a 3-month Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership.
Nintendo also revealed that there will be a bundle that combines Super Mario Party with Red and Blue Joy-Cons. This bundle is out on November 10th for $99.99.

Starting on November 19, Nintendo is also going to offer up to $30 off select Switch games. Other retailers, such as Amazon, may have these same sales starting on November 17. Some of these titles on sale through Nintendo include Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Mario Strikers: Battle League, and Fire Emblem Heroes: Three Hopes.