Analogue 3D Announced - Play Every N64 Game at 4K


  • Analogue 3D Announced - Play Every N64 Game at 4K

    The latest from the Analogue Pocket creators is due in 2024.
    Silhouette teaser photo of an upcoming game console that can play Nintendo 64 games.

    The company known for making and releasing modern spins on classic game consoles is at it again. Analogue just announced the Analogue 3D, an upcoming console that will let you play your Nintendo 64 games at 4K resolution. This new release from Analogue is slated to be released at some point in 2024.

    Analogue 3D will include "incomprehensibly profound Original Display Modes," according to Analogue's Christopher Taber. The device will also include support for wireless Bluetooth connections while also including four original-style N64 controller ports. If you don't have your old controllers laying around, you could pick up a new one from 8BitDo. Analogue teamed up with 8Bitdo to make a wireless controller for the Analogue 3D.

    Analogue says that the Analogue 3D will feature full compatibility for every N64 cartridge, regardless of region. However, it will not play copyrighted ROM files. The Analogue 3D will also not support OpenFPGA, which was something that was made available on the Analogue Pocket in order to try to "preserve video game history."

    The Analogue 3D continues Analogue's efforts to make old games more easily playable on physical hardware again. The company previously made devices that let users play their SNES games (Analogue Super Nt), Genesis titles (Analogue Mega Sg), and obviously Game Boy titles with the Analogue Pocket.

    The only images released by Analogue for the Analogue 3D are a couple of cheeky teasers. You can find one at the top of this article and the other can be found below, which shows the controller from 8BitDo.

    Dark teaser for a new controller from 8BitDo for the Analogue 3D console.

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