A former employee shared this unfortunate news.
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An alleged former dev of Telltale Games took to Twitter today to say that "most" of the staff at Telltale Games was laid off in early September. Twitter user "jjonahjonahson" claims that they were one of the employees laid off from the studio in early September. The layoffs apparently coming "weeks" after Telltale acquired Flavourworks.

They say that they signed an agreement "not to cause any harm to Telltale's business as part of (their) severance package." They continued to say that they are "legally allowed to speak on behalf of being laid off" as a statement of fact, not to cause harm.

Jonahson notes in their Twitter bio that this is the second time they were laid off from Telltale Games. The first time being back in 2018 when most of Telltale staff were laid off for the first time. Jonahson says that they "re-joined Telltale because I've always wanted to work on (The Wolf Among Us 2)." As for the current status of The Wolf Among Us 2, Jonahson says that they are not legally allowed to talk about the status of that game's development.

The full extent of how many have been laid off are not yet known. Telltale Games has also not shared any statement on this matter.