This good news comes ahead of a major game update.
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The launch of Payday 3 was a complete and total disaster for developer Starbreeze Studios. Error messages, bad PlayStation 5 builds, and countless server issues ensured that nearly nobody was able to play Payday 3 for days after its launch. It got so bad that the Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren
​ tweeted out an apology to everyone.

Starbreeze now says that the matchmaking issues have finally been fixed. This announcement comes just ahead of the game's first major patch, scheduled for an early October release. A new update on their website says that "the scheduled maintenance carried out last week has fixed the initial matchmaking issues that occurred during Payday 3's first few days after launch."

The planned maintenance was carried out in two stages. During Tuesday, September 26, the software in the matchmaking infrastructure that distributes incoming players to different servers was updated. During Friday, September 29, the infrastructure was upgraded both in terms of software and hardware, with more regional nodes to distribute players, increase the speed of matchmaking and create greater redundancy across all online services.
Sadly, there is still no indication that Starbreeze plans to implement an offline mode to the game. Offline mode is merely "being considered" at Starbreeze. The always-online nature of Payday 3 means that you will still need to be online even when playing alone. This also means that when, or if, the servers encounter issues again, single player is also out of the question.

The studio outlined tentative release dates for upcoming major updates. The first October update will include over 200 quality-of-life improvements for all platforms. Another update either in late October or early November will include more of these quality-of-life improvements, plus new content and new functionality. Another November update includes more of the same. Then some time in winter 2023, the "Syntax Error" DLC will go on sale.