The 2.5D hack-and-slash sequel is just a few months away.
A demon looking character grinning. Text : Slave Zero X

Slave Zero X will be released on February 21, 2024 from developer Poppy Works and publisher Ziggurat Interactive. Slave Zero X is a prequel to Slave Zero, a game that came out back in 1999 for the Sega Dreamcast.

Slave Zero X will be out in February for a bunch of platforms such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Slave Zero X will have you playing as Shou after they merge "with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype, becoming a furious Devil in pursuit of killing a false God." Shou will wage a war against the tyrannical SovKhang, "the violent dictator who rules Megacity S1-9 with fists of iron and flesh."

Ziggurat says that this game will appeal to character action games like Devil May Cry, Strider, and Guilty Gear. Players will get to string together big combos and slice and dice their way through "genetically enhanced biopunk opponents - all to the tune of a gnarly synth soundtrack."

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Key Features of Slave Zero X include:
  • Different Modes to Mutilate: Play through the story, build your combo-crushing skills in training mode, or test your might in the post-story Bloody Palace mode
  • Hack-n-Slash ‘n Slash ‘n Slash…: Chain together lethal attack combos with your sword and an array of explosive ordinance while leaping, sprinting, and flipping your way through a grim biopunk world
  • A Uniquely Worthy 2.5D Environment: Battle your way through massive levels and boss-rushes in a lo-fi blend of 2D and 3D art reminiscent of the 90s Dreamcast era.
  • Brutal Battles and Cutthroat Stages: Conquer mini-bosses and climactic arch-villains in unforgettable combat sequences
  • Blood-Soaked and Synth-Soaked: Immerse yourself in a world of heavy Drum ‘n Bass and industrial tracks that get more intense as the action heats up​