The future of "journalism" or a never ending disaster?
Image of an AI generated article written about a fake game mechanic in World of Warcraft.

Over the past several months, many media outlets have made major pushes to automate their content output with AI generated articles. Some groups, such as Gamurs, had the audacity to put up a job listing for an AI Editor that would help facilitate the creation of 250 AI generated articles per week. That situation is made all the worse by the fact that Gamurs had just laid off roughly 40% of its workforce only a month before starting their search for an AI Editor.

Other outlets are already full of AI generated content. Some sites have cropped up that simply pull user posts from Reddit and create some absolutely abysmal articles based on what those Reddit posts talk about. Users noticed how often their content was appearing on these AI powered sites and decided to game the system. It began first with the World of Warcraft community coming together to fool an AI site into writing about a fictional feature named Glorbo.

A Destiny subreddit soon followed with their own fake discussion on Glorbo, a "secret boss." AI sites quickly picked up on that fake Destiny 2 Glorbo information and ran with it as if it were actual news.

Of course, there are also several other instances of AI generated content outside the gaming sphere trying to pass off incorrect information as fact.

All this said, it must be asked: What do you think about AI created content?

Are you all-in on AI? Do you like AI only when it's used to help or aid humans in some fashion? Or are you against AI in any and all capacity?