A new update with new problems? Shocking.
One of the cars pulled from GTA Online in a recent update.

On June 13th, Rockstar Games released a new update for GTA Online called San Andreas Mercenaries. This free content drop adds in new missions and a decent amount of quality-of-life improvements for all GTA Online players.

This update also just happened to remove over 180 cars and motorcycles from the in-game storefronts. As Kotaku reports, several of these cut cars have been placed behind the GTA+ paywall. GTA+ being a $6 per month subscription service that is only available to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players.

The vehicles pulled come from a wide variety of classes. A Reddit post provides a list of ever vehicle that Rockstar pulled from the in-game stores. The list includes several different 2-door rides, supercars, off road vehicles, luxury vehicles, motorcycles, and more. The list was so extensive that they ran into a size limit on the OP and had to continue it in the comments.

All told, it appears as if 189 different vehicles were removed. These vehicles are now impossible to drive in GTA Online unless you had already purchased them ahead of time. As the list of vehicles being pulled wasn't revealed until the update was out, it made it impossible for car collector's to ensure they had these removed rides prior to installing the update.

Rockstar did warn on June 8 that they were removing some cars. However, the warning that they offered was vague, did not provide specifics about which vehicles were getting pulled, and did not say how many vehicles would be pulled. In fact, they only said that they were going to pull some of the "lesser-used" vehicles, which players assumed would be some of the older cars.

Rockstar says that they removed the "lesser-used" vehicles in order to "streamline the shopping experience." They went on to suggest that they may bring back some of the vehicles and offer them "in other ways."

These "other ways" seems to include the new Vinewood Car Club that Rockstar recently announced. This is an extra perk added to GTA+ subscriptions. The Vinewood Car Club seems to include some of the cars that were pulled from the normal in-game storefronts. A couple of the pulled vehicles that are now featured in GTA+ are the RE-7B and Stirling GT.

The new San Andreas Mercenaries update is out now. Though you may have nearly 200 cars removed from the game, at least you can now sprint without having to repeatedly tap the button!