This newly announced DLC is high on new content and low on Justin Roiland.
Logo with text saying High on Knife.

Squanch Games just announced the first DLC for High on Life. This new DLC, aptly named High on Knife will give Knifey a chance to stab until he can stab no more.

If you recall, we gave the base game of High on Life some rather high praise in our review. It ended up being quite the surprise hit, ending up as a top seller on Steam and apparently the biggest third-party and single-player Game Pass release ever.

High on Knife is aiming for a more "horror-comedy" vibe, according to Squanch Games. There will be a new talking gun, Harper, voiced by Sarah Sherman from Saturday Night Live. There will also be an entirely new planet to explore, other new characters, and also a "hyper-violent new upgrade" for Knifey.

“This trailer shows off a portion of the DLC where we’re dropping players into a darker, scarier setting ruled over by a mysterious, goopy new boss named Mux (voiced by Gabourey Sidibe.)," says Mikey Spano, Squanch Games' Chief Creative Officer. "We’re also introducing two brand new guns: Harper is an ex-military pistol trying to overcome her past (voiced by Sarah Sherman) and B.A.L.L. is a pinball gun operated by a chaotic gaggle of little gibberish-speaking weirdos (“voiced” by Alec Robbins.)

"You’ll need both of them as well as Knifey’s hyper-violent new upgrade to overcome the powerful, two-headed, laser-beam-blasting Bloat that hunts you in the dark. This is just a small slice of the DLC - there’s a ton more weird, funny, and surprising stuff we packed in that we think you’ll love so make sure to stay tuned!”
Squanch Games says that additional details will be shared soon. High on Knife is said to be out "later this fall" for existing platforms. Pricing for this DLC has not yet been shared.

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