The popular mobile game hopes to see the same success on consoles.
Key art visual for Puzzle Quest 3 featuring a big dragon.

505 Games announces that Puzzle Quest 3 is headed to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. This is the latest in the hugely popular Puzzle Quest mobile series of games. Puzzle Quest 3 came out on mobile devices (iOS, Android) and on PC via Steam back around March 2022 from developer Infinity Plus Two.

Puzzle Quest 3 should be out today at 5PM (PT) as a free-to-play title on the aforementioned consoles. In honor of today's console launch and for the game's one year anniversary, there will be some bonus freebies available to players on every platform, including mobile.

There will be special rewards valued at over $100 available to everyone for a limited time. This includes a 30-day VIP Pass with extra daily free VIP rewards. There is also a free new set of skins for the original heroes along with access to the next Premium Quest Pass.

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In Puzzle Quest 3, players will embark on a heroic journey to discover the meaning behind the ancient Red Dragon's dying words. Fans will also get a taste of the franchise’s new 3D game graphics as they become the ultimate hero with a familiar, yet updated puzzle board full of colorful gems and skulls, deep systems, recognizable characters, and an epic heroic storyline.

During the past year, the Puzzle Quest 3 team has introduced several new features and updates that will be part of the console launch including:

Gameplay Update: Action Points
Battles now include Action Points (AP) instead of the timer, allowing players to carefully plan out their best moves without the pressure of the timer.

Larger Puzzle Board
The game has increased the size of the board by 1 column and 1 row, allowing for more potential matches and strategies.

Updated Tutorial Systems – including the Adventurer’s Guide
The tutorial functions have been improved to teach new players in the early stages of the game. The Adventurer’s Guide has also been introduced - in-game guides with pictures and descriptions of the various mechanics of the games that will continue to be expanded as new features come to the game.

Two New Heroes Classes
The Mercenary and The Warlock bring their unique take on puzzle combat, in addition to the original five hero classes.

New Game Modes: Adventure and Hunts
Adventure Mode: Allows heroes to journey through unique maps, each with branching paths, dialogue, rewards, and more. Every adventure is a dynamic experience with various difficulties. The map and play style hearkens back to the original Puzzle Quest.

Hunts Mode: Allows players to target specific chests and loot and provides an alternative game mode to level up secondary heroes.

Major Relic and Shards Rework (Economy Overhaul)
Reduces the number of different collectibles and simplifies the upgrade system of all gear, spells, and minions.

Updated Rewards for VIP and Passes
VIP system and Quest Pass (PQ3’s battle pass) now reflects higher direct player value with more opportunities to let players use their rewards how they want to, and reflects the reduced needs for keys that opened chests in the past.

Six Seasons of Content
Each season has introduced new weapons, new gear, new enemies, and new storylines that follow the adventuring party from the main storyline. All can be accessed via the Seasons Archive in the Battle menu.​