A new rewards program just went live.
Text: Epic Rewards. Image shows various art depicting how you get cash on each purchase made on the Epic Games Store.

If you never wanted to use the Epic Games Store for whatever reason you have, and there are probably many, maybe today is the day that all changes. Epic Games just launched Epic Rewards, a new program that will reward you 5% back on every eligible purchase you make on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Rewards is free to join and all Epic Games account users will be enrolled into the program when you make your first purchase. Epic says the 5% back will work on games, apps, subscriptions, and virtual currencies purchased through the Epic Games Store. This obviously also applies to the purchase of V-Bucks for Fortnite.

Each purchase will automatically give you 5% back in Epic Rewards. The amount you get back will be added to your Rewards Balance two weeks after completing each purchase. Your balance can then be used to apply discounts to future eligible purchases whenever you want. Epic says your balance can be combined with other discounts and coupons, so maybe save them up for their seasonal sales or something. In fact, it looks like their annual Epic Mega Sale is now live until June 15th.

If you do end up purchasing something from the Epic Games Store, be sure to use Creator Code "zips" at checkout.