At least this one isn't about cloud gaming.
A compilation of various Nintendo hardware devices from across several years.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) blocked the merger of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard on the grounds of how it would stifle cloud gaming competition. As absolutely ridiculous as that sounds, that wasn't the only weird thing the CMA decreed during yesterday's vote and report.

The CMA also claims in their final report (PDF link) that Nintendo's consoles are not technically capable of running games like Call of Duty. Their remarks apparently being made in response to Microsoft entering into a 10-year commitment to bring the Call of Duty franchise to Nintendo hardware.

Nintendo does not currently offer CoD, and we have seen no evidence to suggest that its consoles would be technically capable of running a version of CoD that is similar to those in Xbox and PlayStation in terms of quality of gameplay and content.‚Äč
The group says that they feel Xbox and PlayStation consoles compete more with each other in terms of "content, target audience, and console technology" than they compete with Nintendo. The CMA seems to be either unaware of Nintendo's cloud-based AAA game releases such as Resident Evil Village, or they feel as though this somehow ties into their belief that even this would stifle competition in the area of cloud gaming.

Microsoft said previously that they were "confident" they could get Call of Duty running on the Nintendo Switch. The CMA's remarks about Nintendo hardware also seem to ignore that Nintendo will more than likely release new hardware that would be more capable of running a traditional Call of Duty title. This idea of new hardware being on the horizon being supported by well over 30 years of regular new hardware releases every few years from several different console manufacturers. This, along with the idea of console generations, seems to have been completely ignored by the CMA when issuing their remarks.