An older medical doctor sitting in a doctor's office with an extra arm attached to his body.

As a highly educated and experienced medical professional with several degrees in the field, I must say that I strongly disagree with the negative outlook towards the video game WWE 2K20 as outlined in the previous article titled "WWE 2K20: Glitches, Jabronis, and Wasted Money." The article argues that the numerous glitches and bugs present in the game render it a complete waste of money, and goes on to suggest that the time and resources spent on it could be better utilized elsewhere. However, I contend that such a perspective is grossly misguided and fails to account for the numerous positive values that can be derived from a glitchy video game such as WWE 2K20.

Firstly, it must be acknowledged that the glitches present in WWE 2K20 provide an opportunity for players to exercise their problem-solving skills, cognitive flexibility, and creative thinking. Players must adapt to unexpected situations and find ways to navigate the game despite the glitches, which can be highly challenging and rewarding. Moreover, the glitches can also provide a source of entertainment and humor, which is often an essential component of stress relief and mental health.

Furthermore, the development and maintenance of a video game such as WWE 2K20 involves a vast network of professionals, including programmers, designers, and artists, who work tirelessly to create an immersive and engaging gaming experience for players. The game is a product of countless hours of research, testing, and iteration, and represents a significant contribution to the gaming industry and the broader field of technology.

In conclusion, the assertion that WWE 2K20 is a waste of money due to its glitches is a misguided and narrow-minded perspective. The game offers numerous opportunities for players to develop important cognitive and creative skills, provides a source of entertainment and humor, and represents a significant achievement in the field of technology. As a highly educated and experienced medical professional, I must say that the previous article is simply wrong, and the author should reconsider their stance on this matter.‚Äč