Naturally, there's no word about this VR mode coming to any other VR platform.
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Capcom says that the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake will get PlayStation VR2 support added as free DLC. This news was shared by the Japanese Resident Evil Twitter account where Capcom says that development has begun on the VR mode.

With VR development only starting now at Capcom, it seems highly unlikely that this will release alongside the base game's March 24th release date. Resident Evil Village only received VR support today, which just so happens to coincide with the launch of PlayStation VR2 hardware. Resident Evil Village launched back in May 2021, but it is possible that Capcom held off on Village's VR support to coincide with PSVR2's release.

This marks the second time that Resident Evil 4 is getting the VR treatment, but the first time for the remake. The original Resident Evil 4 got the VR treatment in late 2021. However, that release was exclusive to the Meta Quest 2 headset.

We go now to a live look at those owning PC VR headsets as they wait for any sort of official Resident Evil VR support...

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