A fresh look at the reboot to the 2014 game of almost the same name.

Several new screenshots are out today for The Lords of the Fallen. The shots come from HEXWORKS and show off environments and characters from this upcoming action-RPG.

They are saying that The Lords of the Fallen is both a "reboot to the 2014" game, Lords of the Fallen, and that it also takes place over a thousand years after the events of the first game... which would make it a sequel.

The Lords of the Fallen is said to "take players on an all-new epic adventure through a vast and sprawling world, split at its very core between the realm of the living and the dead." The game will have "two fully interconnected worlds" that will offer their own unique pathways, side-quests, NPCs, enemies, and loot.

The Lords of the Fallen is being built using Unreal Engine 5 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Screenshot showing a large creature with its massive mouth open wide. There are two rows of many, many sharp teeth inside its mouth. It is a grotesque creature with tendrils coming out the top of its head. It is crawling towards the camera on arms and legs.

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