Free in the sense that you still have to purchase a PlayStation VR2.

Capcom announced yesterday that the upcoming VR Mode for Resident Evil Village will be a free piece of DLC for all PlayStation 5 owners that own either the base version of Village or the Gold Edition. Naturally, to even make use of this free DLC you will also have to purchase the $550 (USD) PlayStation VR2 hardware when it's released, but let's not split hairs for a moment.

The VR Mode will allow you to play through the entire campaign with 4K HDR visuals, eye tracking, and 3D audio. Still, I can't help but feel like a lot of players may never get past Castle Dimitrescu for some reason. I just cannot figure out why I think this will be the cas...

Screenshot showing a very tall vampire woman and her three shorter sisters

...Oh, right.

Resident Evil Village in VR Mode will also make use of the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers. You will physically raise your arms up to guard against attacks. You, as Ethan Winters, will also be able to dual wield certain weapons. There are also now natural motion controls for reloading and using knives. You know, the usual VR stuff.

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