343 outlines proposed changes for the Winter update.
Halo Infinite - Match XP Beta

Halo Infinite's multiplayer has a lot of problems. From the lack of content, to server stability, to the absolutely awful experience system. Thankfully, 343 Industries will tackle at least one of those issues with the upcoming Winter Update. Sure, 343 Industries did a bit of tweaking to this system in the past, but it really wasn't enough.

When the Winter Update drops on November 8, Halo Infinite players will get to check out the new "Match XP Beta." This beta looks to finally offer players a bit more flexibility in how they earn XP in order to level up their Battle Passes. You will be able to test out this new XP system courtesy of a free 30-tier Battle Pass.

For months now, the only way you could earn XP in Halo Infinite is to complete challenges. You also received a bit of XP for completed matches though it was offered with diminishing returns the longer you played for a session. The challenges were often a bit of a slog, required specific game modes or playlists, and the rewards often did not equal the amount of effort put in to achieving them. Your actual performance did not contribute to your XP gains in a match. Your high K/D ratio didn't matter, nor did winning a game, nor did playing the objective in a round.

The new system looks like it will focus a bit more on rewarding players for things like playing well, good team performance, completing matches, and the like. You will still also get additional XP gains from weapon and mode-specific challenges. The studio is also reducing the number of completed Challenges to earn the Ultimate Challenge from 20 to 10.

What 343 Industries didn't say here is whether or not players will be rewarded for killing sprees or actually playing the objective in the objective focused game types. As this will launch as a beta on November 8, the values rewarded per match may change before all is said and done. Hopefully, 343 Industries realizes before this beta is over that there are still far more things that a player can be rewarded for during a match.