The same game you know and love will probably perform better.
Vampire Survivors

As part of the v1.0 release announcement, the development team at poncle says that they are working on porting Vampire Survivors to an entirely new engine. While Vampire Survivors v1.0 will be out on October 20, this port to the new engine won't be finished and out until later this year at the earliest.

The developer says that they are on "the last pass at optimization and polish." They also note that when this port is released, all save data from the current version of the game will carry over.

If things go according to plan, nobody will notice many obvious changes between the current build (on Electron) and the new engine. It will be "the exact same game" but will have increased performance and hardware compatibility. If the new engine doesn't work to your liking, or you prefer bad framerates late in your runs, you can optionally choose to keep using the old Electron engine.

Yes, players will have the choice of which engine they prefer to play on.

The goal of the new engine is to have the exact same game, with increased performance and compatibility for more machines, and like most new things in VS it will remain optional. So if you're happy with the current Electron version, nobody will force you to move to the new one

The major problems that the new engine will fix are:
  • Work on machines that get the webGL not supported error, get a white screen of death, get a black screen with a sad face, or have the game installed on a non-standard path.
  • Fix input issues or the game straight up crashing when multiple controllers are attached to the machine.
  • Remapping input.
  • Cloud Save conflicts due to non-useful files.
  • Use more than 1 CPU core Let those FPS fly high
  • Native support for Linux
What the new engine won't fix because it's a feature:
  • Passing through walls​
For those of you eager for more information on the v1.0 release, today's announcement does include a bit more information on that.

Starting on October 7, there will be daily teasers and spoilers for the v1.0 release posted to Discord and the various Vampire Survivors social media accounts. Something new will be revealed every day up until the release on October 20th.

poncle has been very quiet about what any of the new content and features are that are coming in v1.0. They flatly say that since the Vampire Survivors roadmap has been completed with 0.11.3, everything that is coming in v1.0 will be a surprise "and should hopefully offer a little something for everyone."

What I can reveal already is that there will also be minor tweaks in balancing items to try make them more useful, with Santa Water/La Borra being the only one candidate for a slight nerf, as they tend to surpass almost everything else by an order of magnitude with little to no effort.

There will be a handful of new achievements, and a couple of the existing achievements will receive different unlock conditions (you won't have to get them again, they'll stay unlocked if you've already got them).

This is because during EA the Moongolow/Cappella incident had to be split over different patches, breaking the natural Stage progression. That will be reviewed and streamlined like for the other achievements.​
Even after the release of v1.0, there will be "a lot more surprises" coming. Vampire Survivors is currently going for $4.99 (USD) on Steam. This is the "increased price" that happened about a week ago (used to be $2.99) ahead of the game's non-Early Access release next month.