Flashy moves, crazy combs, and plenty of perspective changes.
Phantom Hellcat key art

All in! Games, publisher behind games like Chernobylite, revealed the first game from their own internal game studio, Ironbird Creations, during Opening Night Live. The studio showed off a preview for their new IP called Phantom Hellcat that they say is inspired by action-adventure games like NieR.

You play as a rebellious young woman named Jolene. Jolene did a little oopsie when she broke the seal on a curse theater that is filled with "dangerous dimensions full of pompous props." The evil inside this theater took things a step too far when it kidnapped Jolene's mother. Naturally, it's up to Jolene to fight back these evil forces, stop them from invading the real world, and rescue her mom.

Phantom Hellcat currently has no release window but it's in development for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam. Specific console generations were not mentioned either.

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Knock foes around the environment, bringing a set wall crashing down, or launching opponents into the band pit toward their demise. Jump, dash, and slash utilizing the powers sealed within mysterious character masks to strengthen Jolene’s stats and learn new abilities to build up visceral combo scores in each scenario. Traverse along dynamic 3D/2D camera-shifting perspectives with laser-sharp platforming controls throughout beautiful, hand-crafted theater sets.

Claim a stake in a Transylvanian bibliotheque castle possibly full of vampires. Venture across other theatrical plays inspired by pop culture and ensure Jolene has the starring role in them all, no matter who she has to cut down. Turn the surroundings and props from these worlds into extra weapons to use against enigmatic enemies as well as opportunities for character growth.