Bandai Namco seems to have teased the next entry in their popular fighting franchise.
Tekken 8 teaser from Evo 2022

After the awards were given for the Tekken 7 portion of Evo 2022, Bandao Namco showed fans at home and in-attendance a new trailer.

The trailer announced an upcoming free update for Tekken 7 but ends with the OG Tekken end-game cutscene where Kazuya drops Heihachi off the side of a cliff. That cutscene ends with Kazuya smiling really creepily at the camera and then immediately cutting to a more modern and realistic render of Kazuya. The words "Get Ready" flash on the screen and that was basically it.

No, this little teaser did not specifically state that this was Tekken 8. It's merely assumed right now that this is a teaser for Tekken 8 since there hasn't been a new Tekken game released in about seven years.

The new update for Tekken 7 should hopefully keep fans occupied for a bit longer. That update will apparently include some "new tactics" and various balancing adjustments across the roster of fighters.

While it is a longshot, it is possible that this was a teaser for Tekken X Street Fighter. This was a fighting game announced 12 years ago. Though we haven't seen anything about it, and though presumed to be dead, the game has not yet officially been cancelled according to Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada.

The trailer for the Tekken 7 free update can be seen below. Watch until the end to see that little sneak peek at what we all believe to be Tekken 8.