Meet Your Maker combines tower defense with FPS raiding.
Meet Your Maker screenshot

Behavior Interactive, the development studio behind the very popular Dead by Daylight, just revealed their new game that shares very, very little with the title that put them on the map. Their new, in-development title is called Meet Your Maker and it looks to combine elements of tower defense, base building, and first-person shooter raiding action.

The Earth is dying. The Earth is also dying in the fictional universe of Meet Your Maker. In order to save humanity, the people in power decide to create artificial creatures called Chimera. In order to create and evolve these Chimera, you need some precious genetic material appropriately called GenMat. That is where you, the player, come into the equation.

Players will start by building fortress-like outposts. These outposts are created using blocks of various materials combined with all sorts of deadly traps and powerful guards. You build up a bunch of defenses in this fortress to protect your own supply of GenMat. Once you're satisfied with your creation, the second half of the game begins.

You will have to invade other players own bases in order to try to steal their supply of GenMat. Just like you, these players have built up their own defenses and it's up to you and your first-person shooting skills to try to best their traps, steal their GenMat, and make it out alive.

Players can go in solo or with a co-op partner. Raiding other bases is asynchronous, but a recording feature will let players see how attackers performed against them. This will let you change up your base if an obvious weak point is constantly being exploited by other players.

Successful raids will get you the aforementioned GenMat to evolve your personal Chimera. Successful raids will also provide you with more and additional building resources and upgrades. These will then let you build up stronger defenses.

Meet Your Maker has been given a vague "2023" release window. A closed test will actually kick off later this month on August 23 which you can register for at The first reveal trailers can be seen below.

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