Broken controllers, holes in walls, excessive yelling and swearing.

While I'm sure we would all like to consider ourselves here calm, cool, and collected that might not always hold true when playing a frustrating game. Maybe you're having a particularly frustrating day, and nothing is going your way. Maybe your teammates (and totally not you) are doing terrible and you're losing a multiplayer game because of it. Maybe you just died for the 50th time to a boss that did some unblockable and totally BS move.

The question is: Have you ever raged when playing a game? You may not have thrown and broken a controller (they're expensive after all!), but maybe you yelled or screamed (to yourself or in voice). Maybe you swore a bunch. Or maybe you coped with it in some other unhealthy way.

Even if you raged before, let's just hope you didn't cross the line into having a full blown "heated gaming moment." 😬

Feel free to select the best fit choice and comment below what happened when you did, or did not, experience your own gamer rage.