Set up the maypole and get to dancing fighting.
Chivalry 2 Midsommar event

A new event and content are now available for Chivalry 2 owners. It's limited in time, so pick up those swords, or whatever else you find on the field of battle, and have at it.

This Midsommar Event is a limited time affair, though neither Torn Banner Studios nor Tripwire mentioned when exactly it will end. I suppose if you are interested in playing during this event, you should just go play it as soon as possible because it can apparently end today, tomorrow, next year, maybe even before you finish reading this sentence.

This event adds in new Brawl Mode weapons to the game like the Midsommar pole, wood hammer, and flower vase. There are new environmental objects like a mini catapult, straw figures, and totem poles. There are even a couple of new seasonal helmets like a bear mask and flower crown.

Naturally, Chivalry 2 is on sale for 40% off until July 6 on PlayStation Store and July 7 through Steam. We've no idea why the game isn't on sale for Xbox players or for PC users that prefer Epic Games Store.

Chivalry 2 was recently released on Steam. With that release came the addition of mounted combat, new maps, and bunch of other things.

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