This has nothing to do with Amnesia.
Aliens: Dark Descent screenshot

Tindalos Interactive and Focus Entertainment announced a new real-time action game for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC today. It's called Aliens: Dark Descent and it's a single-player, squad-based action title set within the Alien franchise. The game features an original story where players lead a squad of marines into battle against the titular aliens.

The reveal trailer, seen below (if YouTube allows), follows a squad of Colonial Marines during a recon mission. This game features an all-new storyline along with a new cast of Marines.

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Real-time, squad-based tactical combat
Recruit, gear up and customize your squad of Marines with an extensive arsenal of weapons, armor, and special abilities while exploring, as enemies will adapt their tactics to your actions to hunt you down. When ready, embark on high-stakes missions in treacherous territory, all the while gathering resources to fix up the stranded Otago spacecraft and researching tech upgrades for your crew.

Players will command a squad as one unit thanks to intuitive controls, allowing their Marines to automatically prioritize and execute complex actions in real time, based on their respective skill sets and the environment around them. Navigate levels strategically, making sure to leverage the persistent and reactive environments to your advantage by sealing off checkpoints, unlocking shortcuts, or creating safe zones.

Be cautious and monitor each Marine’s vitals – for any who falls in combat, death is permanent. Anticipate, think fast, and act faster to outwit the lethal creatures from the deeper hive. Will you make it out alive?