The alt-right might have something to do with it, because of course.
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There once existed a real Witcher school in Poland. I say "once" because the school had its license pulled by CD Projekt Red back in February. The reason for the license getting pulled may be due to one of the school's staff belonging to a prominent alt-right group.

The Witcher school in question was named 5 Żywiołów, or 5 Elements. It began in 2015 and held roughly 40 events over seven years with around 3,000 people participating in total. In February 2022, the school's co-founders Dominik and Dastin Wawrzyniak made a Facebook post (via Eurogamer) announcing that CD Projekt Red revoked their Witcher license.

In the post, the pair claim that they had their license pulled because one of the school's staff had clear ties to an alt-right group. That staff member just happens to be Dastin's wife, Ania Wawrzyniak. Ania has ties to a group called Ordo Iuris, a group that is comprised of bigoted Catholics that are anti-abortion. For years, the group has attempted to diminish the rights of women along with being opposed to the entirety of the LGBTQ+ community. Ania worked at 5 Elements as a lawyer for roughly two years. She also provided "legal expertise" to the Ordo Iuris group.

More recently, though, she was commissioned by Ordo Iuris to work on "the legal mechanisms for introducing and enforcing the vaccination obligation and the possible consequences of failure to comply with it", and "the draft of a law penalising illegal abortion", the Facebook post explained.
The Facebook post penned by Dominik and Dastin claim that despite Ania's work with Ordo Iuris, she did not share the same alt-right views.

"Our team has always consisted of people representing the entire spectrum of political, social and moral views, including people whose views on many issues were extremely different (also involved in the activities of organisations no less controversial than OI)—the only criterion for their employment was their professional competence."
CD Projekt Red, for their part, did not mention the ties to the alt-right group when providing a reason for the license getting pulled from the school. Instead, CD Projekt Red says that the issue was over merchandising.

"In February we decided to end our cooperation with the organisers of Witcher School," the developer said in a statement to Eurogamer. "Now the contractual notice period of three months has ended. For more context, this cooperation was about the LARP itself, and potential merchandise tied to it. We do not provide further details on the matter."
5 Elements say that they will continue as a school just without the Witcher license. A more recent Facebook post from May says that they are a strong, independent school who don't need no license.

"Our own universe, which will be thought-out in such a way that LARPs organised in it are as good as possible and that it will enable unlimited possibilities in the future."
There you have it. If you are someone who wants to learn how to LARP, and you happen to be in Poland, and you also don't care about the school's ties to an alt-right group, I guess 5 Elements is the place for you once they get that whole "own universe" thing sorted out.