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Destiny 2

Bungie is doing the unthinkable, and no, this time I'm not talking about standing up to their new bosses. Bungie laid out some new changes coming to Destiny 2 next week by way of their latest This Week at Bungie blog.

Sure, there will be some new power caps arriving next week with the launch of the new Season, but that isn't the biggest change coming. Bungie says that they are increasing player Vault space by 100 slots, moving it from 500 slots up to 600 slots.

That Sony money is already working wonders.

Bungie does note that this won't allow you to save every piece of loot you pick up, but it should help out a bit. They are still looking into better solutions that they hope to implement at some point in the future.

Curiously, Bungie has not said a word about what new content is coming with the launch of the new season. Destiny 2 is presumably getting a new season on Tuesday, May 24 but nobody really knows just WTF it will be about or what all will be included.

It is speculated that Season 17, when it arrives Tuesday, will usher in new story content, new Crucible content, a new Dungeon, the Solar 3.0 subclass rework (similar to what was done for Void in the current Season 16), and more?