The parties arrived at a mutually agreeable settlement.
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This past February, original Halo composers Marty O'Donnell and Mike Salvatori, sued Microsoft claiming that the tech giant owed them unpaid royalties. Some of those royalties supposedly dated back as much as 20 years, according to the lawsuit. Full details on this lawsuit from February 2022 can be found in our initial article.

Originally, the pre-trial was set to take place on May 9, 2022. It was here that the issues would be discussed, along with a possible injunction to block the release of the TV show. The TV show has obviously been released through Paramount Plus, so that injunction didn't really play out regardless.

It looks like Marty O'Donnell, Mike Salvatori, and Microsoft have now come to a settlement over the lawsuit. According to a tweet sent out earlier by O'Donnel, the parties involved "have amicably resolved their differences."

O'Donnell and Salvatori originally claimed that they signed a contract with Microsoft that guaranteed them 20% on profits made from their music. This includes its use in the Halo TV show, soundtracks, and whatever else it's used int. The two felt that the amount Microsoft gave to them was too low. Microsoft countered their claim by saying that their music was made "as work-for-hire" which would mean that Microsoft owned the music and not O'Donnell and Salvatori.

Details on the settlement were not revealed by any party and probably won't be publicly disclosed either.