The team has a tentative early 2023 release date in mind.
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There has been a decent smattering of new Dead Space Remake (or simply Dead Space) information that came out today. First off, the development team gave fans a behind the scenes look at the audio work that is going into the remake.

Specifically, the Dead Space Remake audio team explains the ins and outs of how they are looking to enhance the already pretty amazing audio that was present in the game's original release. An hour-long video premiered earlier today on YouTube that talks about the technical aspects of their audio system.

If you don't have an hour to spare, they also provided a few smaller videos that focus on key areas of audio including the use of occlusion, a comparison of weapon sound effects between the remake and original, the "A.L.I.V.E." system, as well as including a short atmospheric walkthrough video.

I'll try to include embeds of the shorter videos below. If that doesn't work, you can manually hit up this YouTube playlist to see these audio focused videos (and more) for the Dead Space Remake.

Before we get to those videos though, there is one more important piece of information to share. That is the fact that the development team at EA Motive are targeting an early 2023 release date for the Dead Space Remake. The devs say that they have a date in mind but won't divulge what that date is until they're sure they can hit it.

With the state that a lot of games ship in these days, I say take all the time you need. They're making the right call here not announcing a more specific release date yet.