The services will remain offline for a little while longer.
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Bandai Namco updated Dark Souls fans today on just what is going on with the online and PvP services for the first three Souls titles. In case you are unaware, the online services were disabled for all of these titles after a very dangerous remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability was discovered that could grant an attacker full access to your computer.

Unfortunately, today's news isn't all that great. While the teams say that they have "identified the cause and are working on fixing the issue" the fix won't be coming until after the release of Elden Ring. The good news here is that they have already "made sure the necessary security measures are in place for this title (Elden Ring) on all target platforms."

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware say that they hope to restore online services to the Dark Souls games "as soon as possible." You can read their full public statement in the embedded tweet below.