This expansion includes new missions utilizing familiar combat.
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Aiko's Choice is a newly released standalone expansion for the real-time stealth tactics game, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. The expansion follows the story of Aiko a "kunoichi adept" and her fellow assassins. They embark on a journey to deal with Aiko's past.

Aiko is able to disguise herself as a geisha and utilize camouflage to get the drop on her foes.

Interested players can check out Steam to pick up Aiko's Choice for $19.99 (USD), or $17.99 until December 13.

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Like in the main game, you take control of a team of lethal specialists, move in the shadows and sneak past dozens of enemies. Choose your approach wisely when infiltrating hidden forest camps or lively Edo-period towns. Set traps, poison and distract your opponents – or avoid enemy contact altogether. Carefully plan your every move and come up with your own ingenious tactics to vanquish enemies and complete each of the challenging missions to uncover Aiko´s past.

  • Return to the beautiful world of Shadow Tactics set in Japan in the early Edo period.
  • Rejoin your favorite characters for another adventure set within the story of the main game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.
  • Experience a previously untold tale centered around the kunoichi adept Aiko, who must face a vicious enemy connected to her past.
  • Explore three full-fledged main missions, setin brand-new environments, and three shorter interlude missions.

The expansion includes all the features of the main game:
  • Play a team of five different characters with their own unique skill sets.
  • Synchronize your team's actions to strike down your enemies at once with the "Shadow Mode" feature.
  • Choose between non-lethal or deadly stealth attacks.
  • Find dozens of ways to take out or sneak past your opponents the way you want.
  • Choose from three difficulty levels to match your skill.