This is just one part of the fix however.
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Earlier this month, it became apparent that there were some issues with AMD Ryzen performance when using Windows 11. In fact, these issues were present since some of the earliest betas for Windows 11 but they largely went ignored until the operating system's first public release. Some testing showed that system performance could decrease by roughly 15% compared to the same hardware running on Windows 10. At the time, AMD and Microsoft said that they were working on fixes that they hoped would be released later in the month.

Well, AMD has at least come through with their half of the fix. New chipset drivers by AMD hopes to address the broken "preferred core" feature of their CPUs not working as intended in Windows 11. The other half of the problem, increased latency on the CPU's L3 cache and decreased bandwidth will be addressed by Microsoft in a Windows update. That Windows update may already be available to users. Look for KB5006746 in Windows Update to see if it's ready to be installed for you now.

Some users are still seeing decreased performance when compared to Windows 10. However, the numbers they are showing are still better than what things were like prior to these fixes being implemented at all. If you care about getting the most out of your PC, I am still suggesting that you stick with Windows 10 for a while longer.

If you would like to update your chipset drivers right now from AMD, be sure to head on over to their Drivers & Support page to get started. If you do not know what your motherboard's chipset is, you can download AMD's tool to help you along your way. The full release notes from today's chipset update can be found here.