The site was sold to a Swedish media company.
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The somewhat popular gaming forum known as ResetEra has been acquired by M.O.B.A. Network, a Swedish media company. The site was sold for a staggering $4.55 million (USD). The sole remaining owner of ResetEra, Cerium, received $3.55 million as the deal was closed with another $1 million to be paid by December 31, 2021.

ResetEra will join other M.O.B.A. owned gaming communities such as and

ResetEra was formed back in 2017 after a significant number of NeoGAF members and moderators split off following the allegations of sexual misconduct against NeoGAF owner Tyler "Evilore" Malka. ResetEra used to be co-owned by multiple individuals but they either parted ways from the company over time or were bought out by Cerium until it was only him remaining.

According to the new multi-millionaire, there should be little reason for concern about the new owners. Cerium's announcement of the acquisition on ResetEra contained some of the following tidbits of information about the new ownership and the future direction of the forums.

There were several potential buyers to consider, but in the end the clear best fit was MOBA Network. They're a company based in Sweden which owns a number of community-driven gaming websites; they have a good track record of acquiring sites and giving them the resources to succeed without interfering with how they're run. Crucially, they have absolutely no desire to change the ResetEra community or its culture in any way. Their MO is to stay in the background and only handle the business and logistical end of things.

The staff will retain total independence when it comes to moderation and the day-to-day management of the site. That independence will be held as absolutely sacred, in the same way that editorial independence is treated at journalistic publications.
Despite these assurances, the press release from M.O.B.A. Network says that this acquisition provides "serious opportunities to increase advertising revenue through a higher share of direct sales, implementation of new ad formats, and a long-term product development strategy." They continue on to say that it estimates that the site will be able to grow sales significantly in 2022.

M.O.B.A. Network CEO Björn Mannerqvist went into a bit more detail about their plans for ResetEra.

"We are very excited and proud to welcome - one of the world's largest gaming forum and community brands - to our growing number of brands," said Mannerqvist as part of the press release. " has great growth potential, and we see significant opportunities to develop, continue to grow traffic flows, improve the sales development and extract synergies within the M.O.B.A. Group."
At present, ResetEra is home to about 55,000 members that have made over 45 million forum posts to date. The press release from M.O.B.A. Network divulged some details on just how profitable ResetEra was in the past year.

Sales in the last twelve months (up to and including 31 August) amounted to approximately USD 700,000 with an EBITDA margin of approximately 80%.
Yep, Cerium was pulling in about $700K per year through ad revenues and an optional paid forum subscription called Era Clear that sold an ad-free site experience for $40 per year. So, $700K per year and the site sold for $4.55 million kind of begs the question: How much are the moderators there being paid?

Nothing. They have never, and presumably, will never be paid.

Are the staff getting paid?​

The people who've been handling paid work, such as the tech team, will be making their own arrangements with MOBA Network to continue doing what they do. Moderators are still volunteers.
The response to news about this acquisition has been an absolutely fascinating thing to read through on the announcement thread on ResetEra. Users are upset about this acquisition. Users are anticipating the changes coming as a result of being owned by a fairly large corporation. Many users are shocked at just how much those forums were sold for. Some users are amused that moderators didn't get paid while others are upset on behalf of the moderators not getting paid. Some moderators don't seem to be taking any issue with not getting paid and continue to be bootlickers.