The adult site is calling upon developers to add to their list of supported titles.
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The adult cam site Chaturbate just announced that they are opening their streaming platform up to support various video games. Models there can now select from a list of pre-approved titles to play for their fans. They are only allowing games that have been pre-approved or those that have the developer's permission to be streamed. To that end, Chaturbate is calling upon developers to add their game to the list of approved titles that you can stream on the service.

According to Kotaku, the current list of approved titles isn't very long, but these are still early days for the new initiative. Kotaku says that the list is "only a few pages long" and "predominately features indie sex games." However, the games are not limited to adult titles as Kotaku notes that one of the supported titles is an "arcade-style sports game about ax throwing called Log Jammers that came to Steam Early Access last year."

The current list of titles that are supported by Chaturbate can be seen in the latest tweet, embedded below.

Some developers responded to the above tweet, stating that they were interested in adding their game to the list of supported titles. One of those titles is SpunkStock, a "lewd rhythm game," and an action-platformer named Future Fragments.

Streamers on Chaturbate won't be allowed to stream games that are not on the pre-approved list. At the very least, it's very highly frowned upon by the higher-ups at Chaturbate. The site apparently had some issues in the past with companies that didn't really appreciate having their games streamed alongside nudity and other adult content. Yeah, you know exactly what I mean.

I, for one, welcome any and all competition in the game streaming realm. Competition is great and just pushes all parties involved to do better. With that said, I probably don't see this as having much of any impact on Twitch or their viewership.