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The Elder Scrolls is a series that will be well known within the gaming community as it has enjoyed a long history within the industry. It was one of the first groundbreaking RPG games to have arrived to gamers since the industry started, albeit this was in a basic form when compared to some of the blockbuster hits today. It should not be a stretch to say that the Elder Scrolls is up there with some of the best RPG series in gaming, such as Final Fantasy and The Witcher. However, for many gamers, the Elder Scrolls will maintain a special place in the heart, as the Elder Scrolls experience cannot and probably will not ever be replicated.

Those who have played Skyrim, the fifth installment of the franchise, already will know how great the game is. Many even consider it to be the best of the series so far. This is due to how it revolutionised the scene in 2011. Before its release, there had been no game that had given gamers the size of the world in Skyrim, and no game had matched the number of activities that were available in Skyrim. Its positives are innumerable, from its diverse world and characters to its mesmerizing soundtrack composed by the excellent Jeremy Soule. However, the thing that perhaps stands out the most is its replayability, as many continue to loyal play the game to this day.

With such an excellent offering in Skyrim, TES: VI is anticipated to be an even better game than Skyrim, something that will come as good news to gamers across the world. Fans have already had it confirmed that it is coming, though it is clear that they will have to wait some time before they can get their hands on it. People are no strangers to being patient though, as the recent lockdowns have shown. Activities like online gambling at sites like Draftkings and, of course, gaming would have been critical in getting people through this tumultuous time. Fans will also be hoping that Bethesda improves upon some of what Skyrim got wrong though, whilst also refining the areas where the game shines. This should ensure that Bethesda hits the ground running when the new game is released.

While some certainly consider Skyrim to be a masterpiece, the truth is that it is very rare that any game is truly perfect, and Skyrim does it have its drawbacks that stop it from reaching that status. One example of this is the disappointing range of voice acting. While the quality of the actors is generally good, not enough were hired to have unique voices for the NPC’s meaning that the same voice is repeated for different characters. Some fans of older entries in the series also disliked how the combat had been dumbed down for a more mainstream audience, creating a boring combat loop. It is little issues like this that Bethesda will need to improve on if they hope for TES: VI to become the epic game that fans expect it to be.