The latest from Undertale's creator is almost here.
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In 2015, the then unknown game developer Toby Fox released a little game called Undertale that took the world by storm. The game saw immense success from critics and consumers, evening winning a fair number of awards. It is commonly talked about as being one of the best games ever made.

In 2018, Fox followed up on Undertale with an episodic game entitled Deltarune. The second chapter of the game was rumored to have a 2020 release date, but 2020 came and went without much of a peep from Fox. Fortunately, the wait is now over. Deltarune Chapter 2 will be out on Friday, September 17 at 8PM (ET).

For those who aren't really sure what Deltarune is all about, here's a quick rundown. Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale. Both games feature a similar pixel art style, plenty of RPG mechanics, and some very surreal gameplay experiences. This upcoming second chapter will pick up right at the end of the Chapter 1, so hopefully you still have your save data at the ready. The Deltarune website says that you should have completed save data from Chapter 1 if you watched until the end of the credits.

If you don't have a save ready to go, don't worry about it too much. It seems as though so long as you "generally remember" what happened in the story you should be good to go.

Deltarune Chapter 2 will be released through the Deltarune website, at least to start with. The first chapter of the game continues to be free for PC, Switch, and PlayStation 4. However, you will need to pay to play Chapter 2.