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Today was supposed to be the release of the "Realtime Experience" patch for Abandoned. This is the game that Blue Box Game Studios is apparently working on. If you haven't heard about this game or Blue Box Game Studios, consider yourselves lucky. This update which was supposed to do something was going to be out at 12PM (PT) today after being announced yesterday.

That obviously didn't happen. Blue Box Game Studios says that the demo/experience/whatever for Abandoned has been delayed due to "a technical issue."

The Realtime Experience demo was made available to download through the PlayStation Store like a week or two ago now. The only thing that shows up when you try launching this on your system is a language select that then leads into a message saying to "Check back soon..."

This latest delay comes after a reveal was postponed back in late June. Abandoned has been tied to all sorts of rumors. Some people think it's related to Silent Hill. Some think it's related to Metal Gear Solid. Some think that this is an elaborate ploy by Hideo Kojima. Some don't think it's either but the actions of the developer certainly haven't done them any favors in squashing these rumors. Just take a look at the replies to the tweet we've embedded below to get some idea of how much everyone is reaching.