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EVGA has confirmed to PCGamer that they will indeed replace all of their Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 cards that have met an unfortunate and premature end at the hands of the New World MMO. A spokesperson for EVGA says, "yes, all failed 3090s are being replaced."

It's still not particularly clear as to what the reason is behind multiple 3090 (and other high-end GPUs) succumbing to an early death at the hands of the new MMORPG from Amazon Games. Some seem to suggest that it was the previously uncapped framerate on the game's main menu causing the issue. However, modern hardware tends to have protections in place and shouldn't just up and die when pushed hard at any rate. Others suggest that it was faulty card components (such as capacitors) that were brought to light because of the uncapped framerates pushing more power through the card.

EVGA has not outright said that their hardware is at fault. Amazon Games has said that they did nothing unusual with how the game was made. However, Amazon Games did update the beta to impose a framerate limit on the main menu, just in case.

According to tech YouTuber JayzTwoCents, EVGA is cross-shipping RMA'd products to those who were impacted by this random card death while playing New World. This means that the moment an RMA is approved, EVGA is shipping out replacement cards before the dead cards have been returned to them.

JayzTwoCents also says that this doesn't seem to just be limited to RTX 3090 cards, but a variety of higher end GPU models across both Nvidia and AMD.