Fans are unable to tell him due to chat restrictions.
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Snoop Dogg, rapper and known supporter of the devil's lettuce, has been streaming for about a week now without any audio. According to some reports, all of the performer's last six days of streams have not had any audio.

The kicker here is that despite the lack of any audio, he has still managed to pull in upwards of 48,000 viewers each stream. While he's busy playing Madden for his fans, his chat has been trying their hardest to alert the rapper to the issue. The problem here is that Snoop Dogg has his chat in emote-only mode, making their attempts more amusing than anything else.

Snoop, being Snoop, has not taken any notice of the issue or the apparently emoji spam from his chat. This isn't his first rodeo with awkward streaming issues. In the past, Snoop Dogg raged when playing Madden NFL 21 and inadvertently left his stream running for another seven hours, focusing on an empty room and his chair before he came back and noticed. Another instance showed Snoop "playing" a game for a sponsored stream where his character was moving around while he used both hands to light a joint.