The revival is said to be developed by EA Motive.
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According to GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb, EA will reveal a new entry from one of their established franchises during their planned July 22nd EA Play Live event. Though Grubb works for GamesBeat as a journalist, he has mainly been known to be a pretty good source of insider information. He shared the latest on this proposed revival in a video that premiered this past Friday.

Prior to suggesting EA would reveal this revived game franchise during their July event, he previously stated that it was EA Motive that was working on the game. He says that he thinks fans will be happy. He also teased that "we're going to see it... if we're not dead first."

If you want to read into it, you could take that as a hint that EA is planning on reviving the Dead Space franchise.

EA Motive was formed back in 2015. So far, this studio has credits in only two EA titles. These titles include a support role in 2017's Star Wars: Battlefront II. They also fully developed 2020's Star Wars: Squadrons.

The Dead Space franchise was developed by the now dead and buried Visceral Games. Really, the only hint even suggesting that it's a Dead Space revival is that offhand remark by Grubb. It could literally be anything and it could also end up being that EA doesn't actually announce a revival during their event next month. We'll just have to wait and see.