More emote options are coming soon for Twitch partners.
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Those who are Affiliates or Partners with Twitch will soon have some be able to provide their fans with animated emotes without the need for third-party extensions. This, among other changes, are being made in celebration of Twitch's 10th anniversary happening this weekend.

Twitch says the updates they outlined in this new blog post will begin rolling out later this month. Undoubtedly, the biggest announcement for most people will be the fact that each channel will now get to add up to five animated emotes for Tier 1 subscribers. Users will be able to turn off the animations in their chat settings.

On top of this reveal, Twitch is also going to add the ability to add animation to existing emotes. This is a way to apply a movement modifier to static emotes that will let them spin around or slide in and out of the frame, as examples.

Twitch is also toying with the idea with emotes for channel followers. These emotes will allow non-subscribers to still use emotes but only in the channel in which the emotes originate. This specific feature will be rolling out later this year after some testing.

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Finally, Twitch is adding in a Library feature for emotes. This will allow creators to keep all of their emotes uploaded at once and allow them to select which ones are public at any given time. As it currently stands, creators must delete and upload new emotes if they decide to change things up. As you can imagine, this would be an especially annoying process if a creator wanted to swap out most or all of their emotes for holiday themed versions, as an example. With this Library, the emotes are always uploaded to Twitch's servers and the creator can just tag them in and out of rotation as they wish.

Twitch expects features like the Library to be made available to Partners and Affiliates within a few months.