Get ready for some fresh news about Dying Light 2 on May 27th.
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This past week, Techland sent me a little package with some interesting goodies inside. Included in the package were a letter, a mini-poster, and a mini flashlight. Of course, this was a bit more than just a courtesy package. It looks to be the start of Techland's media push for Dying Light 2.

The flashlight turned out to be a blacklight. The included letter said that I'd have to hunt to know more. Putting two and two together, I examined the poster using the flashlight. Lo and behold, there were several hidden clues in the poster that point to a special Dying Light 2 stream happening this upcoming Thursday.

According to the poster, there will be a Dying Light 2 stream on the Techland Twitch channel. It will take place on May 27 at 9PM CEST (3PM ET, 12PM PT).

We haven't gotten much in terms of new Dying Light 2 news for a while now. The game still does not have a release date and was announced back at E3 2018. It was officially delayed at least once back in January 2020.

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