EA and Respawn are taking a little inspiration from Valve on this one.
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Respawn and Electronic Arts just announced their plans to crowdfund this year's Apex Legends Global Series Championship to upwards of $3 million. This will happen through the sale of item bundles that will be available for purchase for a limited time.

There will be a total of four different bundles available for sale: Mechameleon, Board to Death, Wild Speed, and Silverback. Each will cost 2500 Apex Coins and include a Legendary Legend skin, an Epic Banner Frame, and an Epic Gun Charm. There will also be an all inclusive Animal Kingdom bundle that includes everything for 9000 Apex Coins total.

Mechameleon Bundle:
  • 1 Legendary Pathfinder Skin: Mechameleon
  • 1 Epic Banner Frame: Change of Colour
  • 1 Epic Gun Charm: Ancient Guardian

Boared to Death Bundle:
  • 1 Legendary Fuse Skin: Boared to Death
  • 1 Epic Banner Frame: Wild Swine
  • 1 Epic Gun Charm: Steely Swine

Wild Speed Bundle:
  • 1 Legendary Octane Skin: Wild Speed
  • 1 Epic Banner Frame: Wild Spirit
  • 1 Epic Gun Charm: Cyber Cheetah

Silverback Bundle:
  • 1 Legendary Caustic Skin: Silverback
  • 1 Epic Banner Frame: King of the Jungle
  • 1 Epic Gun Charm: Hanging In There
Each of these bundles will be available starting today, May 18, and will stop being on sale on June 1.

The way this crowdfunding idea works is this: For each individual bundle purchased, EA will put $5 towards the prize pool. For each Animal Kingdom bundle purchased, they'll put $20 towards the prize pool. They will do this up to a cap of $2M. This will then be added in to the original $1M prize pool for the Championship, bringing the possible total for winnings up to $3M.

These bundles aren't cheap, either. 3,000 Apex Coins will run you $30 through Origin. 9,000 Apex Coins will cost you a whopping $90.

This whole thing is very similar to what Valve does with sales of the Battle Pass for Dota 2 and The International.