New content arrives on May 4th.
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The team at Respawn has been busy working on some new content for Apex Legends that will see the light of day beginning May 4. Instead of going to "Season 09" for the game, the devs have decided to call this the "Legacy Update" as it brings back some blasts from the past. Specifically, we're talking about Titanfall's past.

EA says that despite the content revealed today, there is still a big thing they have yet to announce. They are presumably holding back the announcement of 3vs3 Arenas that have been datamined already from the game. This Arena mode will apparently also include ranked play for those that want to prove themselves.

In the Legacy Update, Olympus has been overrun by roots and natural growth thanks to a new infestation. The Bocek Bow is a new weapon that will be added to Apex Legends. A new Legend, Valkyrie, will make their Apex Legends debut as well. Of course, what would a new season be if it didn't also include a new Legacy Battle Pass and Legacy Ranked mode.