Simulation style games are ones that allow you to turn real-world activities into fun video game style experiences. They often combine vast sandbox like experiences with the allure of rewards that help you to finish your tasks in fun and sometimes exciting ways.

Simulation, or "sim" games can take on many different forms. There are sports style simulation games that task players with micromanaging their favorite sports team. There are city building simulation games that have players building their own cities from the road placement to power generation and everything in between. There are even some simulation games that mimic what it is like to visit a casino. These are even complimented by in-game betting sites that allow players to wager on things such as horse races or sporting events.

Whatever you fancy, chances are there is a simulation game out there that will meet your desires. Let us take a look at some of the gaming world's most popular simulation games currently available.

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1. Cities: Skylines
Though initially released back in 2015, Cities: Skylines is still the ultimate city building simulation game. Players begin with large, open areas of land that they are free to convert into the biggest and most bustling city. You can place down roads, zone out areas for specific buildings, set up public transportation, and work hard to ensure that you create the most optimal tourist attractions to help your city to grow and thrive. A number of downloadable content packs have been released that further expand upon the already great core city building experience. This is enhanced even further by the fact that Cities: Skylines has Steam Workshop support that allows for near limitless free, user created custom content.

2. Euro Truck Simulator 2
If you ever dreamed of visiting European cities, Euro Truck Simulator 2 might be your new best friend. This game has you hauling cargo on highways and roads scattered throughout a virtual Europe. This is a calm and relaxing game that is perfectly complimented by playing your favorite music or listening to a podcast while you drive through new cities and vast country sides. This game has been around for a while now but is continuing to expand thanks to the upcoming "Heart of Russia" paid content.

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator
Take to the skies and just… fly. Microsoft Flight Simulator, released in 2020, offers players the most amazing flying experience. You can fly anywhere at any time under any conditions. The game features dozens of different airplanes that you can take to the skies with. It also features some of the best looking visuals in any game ever released thanks to its use of highly detailed maps from Bing. Even those that aren't fully into the simulation aspect of a flight sim will enjoy being able to hop on board a small plane and fly above their hometown or take a memorable trip to their dream city.

4. Football Manager 2020
Football Manager is a different breed of sports title. Instead of playing through the games themselves, you will instead run a football (soccer) club. You will get to see how the games play out while making on the fly coaching and managerial calls. You will have a lot more on your plate than if you were simply a player on the field. You will be able to grow and maintain your club as you strive to become the best team in the world.

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5. Kerbal Space Program
Kerbal Space Program is a simulation game unlike the rest. This one is more based on a sci-fi setting set on a fictional world. Your mission is to design and build rocket ships that will take these cute little alien creatures to nearby moons and planets. It is a lot more difficult than it seems due to the fact that there are real-world physics at work here. Players will often have a difficult enough time even getting off of the ground in one piece. After achieving a goal of reaching the stars, and beyond, players can set up space stations and carry out science experiments that mimic real-world experiments that astronauts really carry out. Fans can look out for a sequel scheduled to be released in 2022.